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Mother Ukraine, Old Water Tower and Swallow's Nest: UNITED24 and LEGO Creators Promote Ukrainian Architecture

16.11.2023 · Partnering

#LEGOwithUKRAINE presents three sets in 5 copies each. They aren't for sale, but can be won by donating $24 or more. All funds raised will be directed towards the Rebuild Ukraine program.

Mother Ukraine, Old Water Tower and Swallow's Nest: UNITED24 and LEGO Creators Promote Ukrainian Architecture

UNITED24 also announced an open-call for LEGO creators worldwide to join them in creating sets dedicated to famous Ukrainian architectural landmarks, and helping in the restoration of Ukraine.

"Millions of people from across the world help Ukraine every day: donate funds, support refugees, fight russian propaganda on social media. The vast majority of them have never been to Ukraine. The #LEGOwithUKRAINE project provides an opportunity to learn more about our country and its diversity. Even if from a distance. We thank the community of LEGO creators, who supported this idea, and call on talented people from all over the world to create LEGO versions of Ukrainian landmarks. We plan to release the next batch of sets in the spring of 2024 already,"

said the UNITED24 Platform Coordinator, Yaroslava Gres.

The first phase of the project introduces works by three talented creators — Maksym Mityakin from Ukraine, Artur Samkov from Poland, and Yevgen Tonyev from the US. They’ve created LEGO versions of Kyiv's Mother Ukraine statue, Crimea's Swallow's Nest castle, and Mariupol's Old Water Tower, respectively.

"My introduction to LEGO started in 1998, when I received the first set as a present. I have done many things throughout my life, but nothing has been as interesting and permanent to me as creating my own LEGO models and dioramas. I chose the Swallow's Nest for the project with UNITED24, because it reminds me of Crimea, evoking pleasant memories of family vacations on the peninsula. This represents a longing for our Ukrainian Crimea. The UNITED24 initiative is an incredible chance to help with something other than donations, to be part of an important mission to rebuild the country, and also to occasionally remind people that the temporarily occupied territories will be liberated,"

Artur Samkov, Co-Author of the historical and architectural project MiniMisto, specializing in the demonstration and promotion of Ukrainian architecture through LEGO.

“At first, creating LEGO sets was my hobby. Now, I have my own design studio. LEGO is about creating, bringing your fantasy into the real world. I once built a model of Kyiv Independence Square with over 55,000 bricks. LEGO is also about communities and bringing people together. Together with people who were temporarily relocated from the eastern regions of Ukraine, we recreated a large-size Mariupol coat of arms. We enjoyed working together. We used almost 115,000 bricks to build it. I am excited to join the UNITED24 initiative and to build the Mother Ukraine statue. I believe the Mother Ukraine statue is one of Kyiv’s most prominent landmarks. I’m sure many Ukrainians and foreigners will instantly recognize it! Thank you to all the donors for their help in rebuilding my country,”

Maksym Mityakin, Co-Founder and Administrator of the UkrBricks community, recognized by LEGO.

"The LEGO Mariupol Water Tower isn't just a toy. This is a connection to history. Founded in 1910, this tower is a witness of the city's transformation. While making this model, I faced many technical and emotional challenges. Showing the tower’s tiny architectural details with limited blocks was tough. Each brick brought back memories, like the sound of children playing near its walls, both happy and sad times of the city’s life. I tried to show every detail with respect for history, keeping in mind the fact that this tower is a symbol of home for many. I hope that everyone holding this set will feel Mariupol's courage and endurance,"

Yevgen Tonyev, Product Designer for a healthcare startup.

Find out more about the initiative via this link:

The #LEGOwithUKRAINE initiative is not sponsored or promoted by LEGO. All models are created from original LEGO pieces by individuals not affiliated with the LEGO company.