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Mark Hamill Raffles Autographed Star Wars Posters in Exchange for a Donation to Support Ukraine

17.02.2023 · Announcements

The funds raised will go towards the purchase of RQ-35 Heidrun reconnaissance drones, helping to save the lives of Ukrainian defenders.

Mark Hamill Raffles Autographed Star Wars Posters in Exchange for a Donation to Support Ukraine


The idea to create the posters occurred in early October 2022, shortly after Hamill became an ambassador for the UNITED24 fundraising platform, launched by President Zelenskyy. The author who made the drawing, illustrator Justin Aram, depicted the legendary X-wing Fighter from the Star Wars movie franchise. In the film, one of these was used by Luke Skywalker to destroy the Death Star, the Galactic Empire's ultimate weapon of destruction. In Aram's version, the Starfighter is presented in blue and yellow colors, facing the Imperial space fleet in the colors of the russian flag. The artist posted his piece on Twitter, and it went viral shortly after. Mark then shared the picture via his page, also writing "May the Force be with you" in Polish, and then in Ukrainian.

"We decided to raffle a limited number of Star Wars posters among the most hardcore fans, collectors and everyone willing to help Ukraine. Each poster isn't just a piece of memorabilia, but also a reminder that the fight between good and evil exists not only in the movies. Everyone who donates to a reconnaissance drone for Ukrainian defenders will be able to win a collectible poster commemorating their own contribution to Ukraine's victory over the real empire,"

Mark Hamill commented upon the launch of the initiative.

In total, ten posters with Mark's signature will be raffled off; five of them — among those who donate $100 or more to support Ukraine. Another five more posters are guaranteed to those who donate $10,000 or more. The fact that the legendary actor has not signed any souvenirs since 2017 adds special value to these posters.

The raffle will run from February 17 to March 24 (00:00 GMT-8), 2023. Winners who donate $100 or more will be chosen via a randomizer. To participate in the draw, be sure to leave your email. Any one email can make unlimited donations.  You can make a donation and partake in the raffle by following this link —