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Take a look at the first Avdiivka naval drone

06.03.2024 · Events

Sea Baby drones, which were fundraised by UNITED24, monobank, Oleh Gorokhovsky, Ihor Lachenkov and Serhiy Sternenko, are a unique product of the Ukrainian Security Service.

Take a look at the first Avdiivka naval drone

They are designed and produced in Ukraine and, after successful testing, released to hunt the russian fleet. They are capable of carrying more than a ton of combat load, and can cover distances of more than 1000 km.

This is the first drone built by the Security Service of Ukraine with UNITED24 support. It has significantly improved seaworthiness and capabilities. It is a universal platform on which we will deploy very interesting weapons. It has already proven itself very well, hitting 5 russian ships near Sevastopol Bay last autumn. These boats are very strong, powerful, and enduring.

said ‚Hunter‘, SSU Military Counterintelligence Brigadier General.

We will take revenge for every Ukrainian city, while protecting Ukrainian waters against enemy vessels.

This is Battleship. Thank you to everyone who has made their play.

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