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This is Battleship. Your donation is your play

Join the fundraiser for 35 State Security Service of Ukraine Sea Baby naval drones! They will protect Ukrainian sea from russian warships, preventing  the enemy from shelling our peaceful cities.

Which drones are being fundraised?

In 2022, the President of Ukraine created the world's first Fleet of Naval Drones to protect the Black Sea. 

Small and fast unmanned surface vehicles have changed the course of naval warfare. Thanks to them, russia is increasingly losing its deadly ships and is forced to hide them away from the Ukrainian coast.

Sea Baby unmanned surface vehicles are a product of the Security Service of Ukraine.

They are capable of delivering 850 kilograms of explosives, accelerating to 90 km/h and covering a distance of 1000 kilometers. The vessel's hulls made of a material that cannot be detected by radar.

Sea Baby's targets

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Key tactical and technical features

Length 6 meters
Width 2 meters
Height above water level: 0,6 meters
Max speed: 90 km/h
Range: up to 1000 km
Combat load: up to 850 kg
The engine capacity: 400 horsepower
One Sea baby naval drone is worth 221,000 USD.

We are raising funds for 35 of these drones.
For a donation of $221,000 or more, you can name an unmanned surface vehicle.

Our partners

We launch the fundraiser together with monobank, Serhiy Sternenko and Ihor Lachenkov. 

Join in!

Your donation is your play Donate towards a naval drone