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UNITED24 is once again joining forces with LEGO creators across the world.

You can win one of the 5 unique sets by donating $24 or more towards rebuilding a school in Ukraine. A total of 15 sets — 3 for each model — will be raffled off.

Golden Gate Kyiv, Ukraine

The Golden Gate is over a thousand years old! Can you imagine? This was the main gate for the capital of the Kyivan Rus, and one of the oldest buildings in Eastern Europe.

In medieval Kyiv, the Golden Gate played several important roles at once — a defensive structure, a front gate, and even a church.

Today, it’s Kyiv's calling card - one that’s synonymous with the capital of Ukraine.


2520 pieces
Weight: 2,157 kg. Width: 29,1 cm. Length: 25,6 cm.
Height: 31,2 cm.

I was born and raised to American parents in West Germany. We traveled all over Europe, seeing beautiful buildings and cities. This is how my love for European architecture was born.

With LEGO, I first assembled models from the magical world of Harry Potter. My most famous design is the moving staircases of Hogwarts. This year, my design of the Ministry of Magic was featured at LEGO House in Denmark.

I was truly humbled to design the Golden Gate set. I really enjoyed the challenge of combining a stone-based castle with a wooden structure.

Eric Law


Khan Palace Crimea, Ukraine

The only example of Crimean Tatar palace architecture in the world, the Khan Palace was the main residence of the Crimean Khanate rulers — the House of Giray. Since its construction in the 16th century, it remains a unique architectural complex of Islamic Mediterranean and Black Sea culture in Europe.

Since 2014, the occupying russian authorities have been gradually destroying the building's authentic structure, under the guise of restoration.

The Khan Palace is a symbol of Crimean Tatar culture and hope of returning to their homeland.



2238 pieces
Weight: 1,227 kg. Width: 38,9 cm. Length: 24 cm.
Height: 20,5 cm.

I have been creating LEGO models for 10 years. I am mainly interested in the architecture of different parts of the world.

The Khan Palace is a perfect example of Ukraine's diversity. The palace is not only an architectural gem, but also a testament to the region's rich history. I am very happy to show the world this part of Crimean culture and contribute to the reconstruction of Ukraine.

Maciej Kocot


Pidhirtsi Castle Lviv Oblast, Ukraine

Built in 1635-1640, Pidhirtsi Castle is a real gem of Western European architecture. Unlike many other buildings in the West of Ukraine, it was built for leisure, rather than for defensive purposes: the building project included a landscape park and two churches, and in the 18th century, a theater was built inside the palace.

The World Monuments Fund has included Pidhirtsi Castle in the list of 100 objects of world historical and architectural heritage that can be lost to humanity.


7755 pieces
Weight: 6,108 kg. Width: 51,2 cm. Length: 52 cm.
Height: 23,7 cm.

I am a life-long LEGO fan. I have been building models since I got my first set in 1981, the original Yellow Castle. I was deeply honored to be approached by UNITED24. I chose Pidhirtsi Castle as the perfect blend of Ukrainian history and my passion for building castles with LEGO. Pidhirtsi Castle has an enduring legacy and it has been an incredibly fun project to work with. Thank you to everyone who donates and supports UNITED24.

Mark Segedie


Odesa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre Odesa, Ukraine

The oldest opera house in Ukraine, this building was opened in 1810.

During World War II, the command of the Odesa defensive area appointed a special anti-aircraft unit to protect the theater from bombing. Guns were installed on nearby roofs, guarding during the 73-day siege of the city. 

A little more than 80 years later, anti-aircraft units and anti-tank “hedgehogs” appeared again around the opera house. This time due to the full-scale invasion of russia — the Nazi invaders of the 21st century.

Despite constant russian shelling, the country's oldest opera house continues to work.


4976 pieces
Weight: 5,384 kg. Width: 64,3 cm. Length: 51,2 cm.
Height: 22,7 cm.

My fascination with LEGO started as a hobby. Now I have a YouTube channel where I share my creations with thousands of enthusiasts worldwide. My connection to Ukraine started when I visited Kyiv years ago with my wife — a trip that left a lasting impression.

Inspired by the rich architecture and the spirit of the people, I chose to build the Odesa Opera House—a structure famed for its intricate design and historical significance. This model comprises nearly 5,000 bricks and features complex angles and curves, making it one of my most challenging yet rewarding builds.

Thanks to this project, which is part of the UNITED24 initiative, I aim to contribute to the reconstruction of Ukraine, promoting its culture and helping to rebuild it through the universal language of LEGO. I am grateful for the support of my viewers and donors who share this journey with me.

Daniel Seidl


Mykolaiv Astronomical Observatory Mykolaiv, Ukraine

One of the oldest naval observatories in Eastern Europe was founded in 1821.

In the early 1960s, the Mykolaiv observatory received the Carl Zeiss zone astrograph. Since then, its photographic observations of solar system bodies are considered to be among the most accurate in the world.
In 2007, the Mykolaiv observatory was added to UNESCO's List of World Heritage Sites.

Today, this unique architectural structure is under threat of destruction due to the constant shelling of Mykolaiv by russia.



3463 pieces
Weight: 3,901 kg. Width: 51,2 cm. Length: 44,8 cm.
Height: 20,3 cm.

I was fascinated by the history and urban legends of my native Mykolaiv when I was still at school. For several years, I've been looking for a way to engage people of all ages in ancient architecture and history, and to inspire them to explore the city and travel. It turns out that LEGO is a perfect way to do this.

During the four years of the MiniMisto project, we created over two hundred models of architectural monuments of Ukraine. Half of them are buildings damaged by russian shelling. Thanks to UNITED24, I have an opportunity to introduce you to one of them.

Alexander Yermolaev


Where the funds go

All proceeds will go towards the reconstruction of Velykokostromska School in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, which was hit by a russian missile on October 11, 2022.

We want to help 250 children return to their studies.
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