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Together with UberTogether with Uber


Uber is supporting UNITED24‘s effort to save lives by providing Ukraine with urgently needed ambulances.

Donate now to UNITED24 to support the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in obtaining Type-C ambulances.

Uber will match every dollar donated up to a
total matching contribution of $1 million

What is a C-type Ambulance
and why is this fundraiser mportant?

Every day, Ukraine’s emergency medical teams are the first on the scene of attacks, doing everything necessary to help.
Despite their immense courage and skill, their ability to save lives depends on how soon they can reach the injured, administer emergency medical care, and quickly transport them to a hospital.

Type-C ambulances are highly specialized vehicles, equipped with the essential defibrillators, cardiac monitors, oxygen tanks, and artificial lung ventilator devices needed to keep the injured alive until they can reach an operating room.

Each ambulance funded will mean hundreds of lives saved.

Inspired by the bravery and selflessness of drivers in Ukraine, Uber will match every dollar donated up to a total matching contribution of $1 million

The bravery of Ukrainian Uber drivers

Since February 24, 2022, thousands of drivers have worked with Uber in Ukraine to keep their communities and their country moving.

In the middle of a horrific war, a ride is no longer just a ride. It is a lifeline from danger. A last chance for escape. A path to reuniting a family.

Each of the thousands of Ukrainian drivers who have defied airstrikes, artillery fire and landmines to help others, and to save lives, has a name and a story. Oksana. Pasha. Dima. These are our heroes.

stories of Ukrainian heroes:




Uber is supporting Ukraine during the war

Uber is committed to supporting Ukraine through this devastating war.

Since February 2022, Uber has expanded its operations in Ukraine from 9 to 18 cities to help provide local communities with essential transportation.

In support of leading international relief agencies, the company has provided more than 100,000 free rides for refugees, doctors, nurses, and essential workers across the country. Uber is also delivering hundreds of tons of emergency food, medicine, and shelter supplies to  the hardest-hit suburbs of Kyiv, and to frontline villages in the east.

Uber is also moving teams of expert conservationists to locate, secure, and evacuate endangered artworks, archives, and other irreplaceable items of Ukrainian cultural heritage and independent national identity.

In addition to this work on the ground, Uber has raised $5 million from global user donations, and the company is also  matching grants to support Ukrainians in urgent need.