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A fundraiser that will make history
Join Timothy Snyder's fundraiser for the «Shahed Hunter»!

Professor of History at Yale University, Timothy Snyder is raising funds for the «Shahed Hunter» anti-drone system.

Support the fundraiser and protect peaceful Ukrainian cities from terrorist drone attacks!

THE GOAL is 1 250 000 $

As of February 8, $1,268,196 has been raised.

A fundraiser that will make history. Join Timothy Snyder's fundraiser for the «Shahed Hunter»!
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Address from Timothy Snyder

«I'm a historian and a scholar, and in the long run I want to be raising money to rebuild libraries, schools, and universities. But right now, we have to do what is more urgent, which is to raise money to help Ukraine defend itself from murderous drones.»

Address from Timothy Snyder

Timothy Snyder

Famous historian, and professor at Yale University. He is the author of over a dozen books, which have been translated into 40 languages, as well his The Making of Modern Ukraine course of lectures. In October, Snyder joined ambassadors of the fundraising platform UNITED24 to help Ukraine during this most difficult time.


The terrorist state has already used over 400 kamikaze drones to attack Ukraine. Attack UAVs, such as Iranian Shahed 136s, deprive Ukrainians of electricity, water and heating. They attack houses, schools and hospitals, killing civilians.

The enemy is constantly targeting Ukraine's energy infrastructure. Hundreds of settlements have been cut off from electricity.

Millions of people have been left defenseless, right before winter. If these Shaheds are not stopped, Ukraine will face a humanitarian catastrophe of unprecedented scale.

Ukraine cannot export electricity to the EU, which supports the stability of the European energy system.

WHAT IS THE «Shahed Hunter»?

It is an anti-drone system that will:

help detect and intercept enemy drones;

jam enemy drones GPS signals when they approach infrastructure or cities;

release ultra-fast drones that will follow and destroy enemy UAVs in the sky;

increase the overall effectiveness of the Ukrainian Air Force.

Support the fundraiser and protect peaceful Ukrainian cities from terrorist drone attacks

THE GOAL is 1 «SHAHED HUNTER» for 1 250 000 $