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Safe Skies

Join Timothy Snyder’s fundraiser! The history professor is raising funds towards a situational alert system for Ukraine’s Air Defence Forces. Protect Ukrainian towns from terrorist attacks.

Photo: SES of Ukraine


Safe Skies is an innovative sensor system for detecting air targets. Of Ukrainian design, it can even detect targets at very low altitudes, and predict their course for further neutralization. AI technology allows the system to anticipate where the next threats may come from.

Safe Skies proved its effectiveness during tests against both cruise missiles and enemy Shahed 136 UAVs.

During tests in 11 regions of Ukraine, it detected 100% of air threats without a single error.


For effective protection of Ukraine's territory, 12,500 devices are required.

Our first goal
is to raise funds for 2500 sensors, worth $950,000.

Timothy Snyder is a prominent historian, professor at Yale University, author of the Making of Modern Ukraine course of lectures, as well as over a dozen books translated into 40 languages. In October 2022, Snyder became an ambassador for the UNITED24 fundraising platform. In November, he launched a fundraiser for the Shahed Hunter anti-drone system to protect Kyiv, and in February 2023, he successfully closed it, raising $1,268,196 in total.

Support Timothy Snyder’s fundraiser and listen to his Making of Modern Ukraine course.

“This year, Russia will certainly repeat attacks on civilian infrastructure. We need to be ready for winter, on the scale of the entire country. Working together, we can bring Safe Skies to all of Ukraine and protect both the infrastructure and civilian population of Ukraine from terrorist attacks”