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UNITED24 launches the first fundraiser towards terrestrial robotic platforms. Squads of robots will save the lives of our military and civilians. They will become logistics devices, tow trucks, minelayers and deminers, as well as self-destructive robots. They will fight alongside people and for people.

The first robots are already proving their effectiveness on the battlefield. There will be more of them soon. Many more.

What are we raising funds for?

Three types of ground robotic systems: combat, self-destructive robots and minelayers, logistics and medical evacuation. Each of them has its own purpose; its own important objective.

This fundraiser is not time-limited, as our military requires robots on the battlefield constantly. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine manages their distribution.

Combat robots

Combat robots are designed for remote combat missions, such as the assault or defense of positions, surveillance and reconnaissance. All while their operators are in shelters, at a safe distance of up to 4 kilometers away.

These systems are equipped with PKT and PKM machine guns of 7.62mm caliber, as well as NSVT and M2 Browning machine guns of 12.7mm caliber. Such robots can hit targets at a distance of up to 2 kilometers. Some of them are protected against small arms fire, and are equipped with thermographic cameras for nighttime combat.


  1. Shablya M2
  2. Lyut
  3. MOROZ
  4. D-11

Self-destructive robots and minelayers

Self-destructive robots and minelayers are designed to destroy various targets on the battlefield — primarily, enemy armored vehicles.

Self-destructive robots can carry up to 2 TM-62 anti-tank mines or up to 40 kg of payload, moving towards the target at a speed of up to 25 km/h. These robots can also mine enemy positions and logistical routes with anti-tank devices remotely, while their operators are safely  up to 5.5 km away.


  1. RATEL S
  2. ARK-1

Logistical robots

Logistical robots are universal machines designed to deliver provisions, ammunition and/or equipment to  positions, as well as to evacuate wounded from the front. They can also install additional technical means: EW and remote video surveillance. Logistics robots can transport up to 600 kg of cargo.

There are tracked ( increased cross-country ability) and wheeled (designed for fast delivery) systems. They have a range of up to 40 km.


  1. Volya-E
  2. Ratel H
  3. Termit
  4. Rys Pro
  5. KNLR-E
  6. Sirko-S1