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Operation Unity

A fundraiser for 10 000 FPV drones


The best message for a Ukrainian is a single, simple symbol. Over the course of the war it has gained new meanings. That symbol is ‘+’. A plus. A sign of agreement. A sign of support.

It’s just a symbol, but it says so much. A plus means that a loved one on the front got in touch with you. It means that someone answered your request; that they will help you, that they will support you. It means that the fight continues. Because while you’re a plus, and someone else is a plus, there is hope, there is motion, there is life.

Today, Ukraine and the entire world must stick together, like never before. So, we have decided that we need to put a ‘+’ between all of us. To emphasize our unity.

We started with ourselves. For the first time in the history of Ukrainian fundraising, the UNITED24 platform, the Come Back Alive charity foundation, and monobank are coming together to announce Operation Unity.

Its goal is to raise funds for 10 000 FPV drones with ammunition for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
We say “plus!” What about you?

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Our goal is to raise
235,000,000 UAH

  • 178,000,000 UAH — towards FPV drones
  • 57,000,000 UAH — towards ammunition for them

The purchase and delivery of these drones to the Armed Forces will be handled by the Come Back Alive foundation. The FPV drone models and their ammunition have been agreed upon with the Armed Forces. UNITED24 is providing information support for the project.

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We are thankful for your donations and for all of your support, because every dollar matters. To show our gratitude to everyone who takes part in the fundraiser, we will be giving away lots of awesome prizes:

  • 100 monobank platinum cards. 5 of them will have 100,000 UAH (2465 euro) on the account.
  • 10 meetings with UNITED24 ambassadors and 50 presents from them
  • 20 military artifacts from the Come Back Alive foundation.
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