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One Year On - UNITED24 Partners with Uber’s Cartop Advertising Team to Help Drive Donations

23.02.2023 · Partnering

Launching on the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, UNITED24 and Uber’s advertising division have come together on a new Cartop advertising campaign aimed at raising awareness of the need for life-saving ambulances and giving people the opportunity to help.

One Year On - UNITED24 Partners with Uber’s Cartop Advertising Team to Help Drive Donations

Uber has previously partnered with UNITED24, the official fundraising platform of Ukraine launched by President Zelenskyy, to raise funds to send life-saving ambulances to Ukraine. Since launching in December, the ‘Keep Ukraine Moving’ campaign has already raised more than $3 million – enough for 50 ambulances – via both in-app rider donations and Uber’s matching grants.

Through the Cartop advertising initiative, the message of Keep Ukraine Moving is being brought to a wider audience outside of the Uber app - with thousands of Cartop advertising spaces rolling out across seven US cities from today. 

With the extension of this campaign, we are asking people to unite in support of Ukraine and the emergency medical teams who continue to save lives every day. For this, they need type-C ambulances, highly specialized vehicles equipped with the essential defibrillators, cardiac monitors, oxygen tanks, and artificial lung ventilator devices needed to keep the injured alive until they can reach an operating room.

UNITED24 Coordinator, Yaroslava Gres, said: “After one year since the full-scale invasion started, we are still fighting for every donation in support of Ukraine, as well as for the world’s attention. We are extremely grateful to Uber for their constant support —  helping us both to raise funds for ambulances that save lives daily, and to keep the democratic world’s focus on Ukraine, through creative collaboration.”

In addition to the Keep Ukraine Moving campaign, Uber is helping to move refugees to safety, take doctors to hospital, teachers to schools, emergency supplies to frontline communities, and irreplaceable pieces of Ukrainian cultural heritage away from the fighting and into safe storage. 

The Cartop digital billboards will run in all seven cities where Uber’s Cartop business operates - Boston, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix, and Los Angeles.