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The largest bridge across the Inhulets River was opened in Mykolaiv Oblast

11.10.2023 · Events

In just three months, a new bridge has appeared in Mykolaiv Oblast. The 19th and largest bridge under the UNITED24 rebuild program has been restored! This was made possible by our donor, AWT Bavaria, and the servicemen of the State Special Transport Service.

The largest bridge across the Inhulets River was opened in Mykolaiv Oblast

"It has already become a good tradition to meet in Mykolaiv Oblast and open bridges!"

Vitaliy Kim, Head of the Mykolaiv Regional State Administration.

During the occupation, it was the only bridge that residents of five villages could use to get food and water supplies, and the only way for them to use communication and banking services.

While retreating in the face of the Ukrainian army's offensive, russian invaders blew up the bridge. Local residents used to get to the other side of the river by boat, and later built a crossing for light vehicles on their own. Now they have a new and reliable concrete bridge.

“I am proud of the benefits our contributions bring to local communities, but I am especially impressed by the motivation of the people involved and the speed with which they were able to implement such a project,” said Erik Berning, CEO of AWT Bavaria.

We are grateful to our regular donor, AWT Bavaria, and the 36th Konotop Road Repair Regiment, who are helping to rebuild Ukraine’s infrastructure.