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Katheryn Winnick talked to residents of apartment buildings in Kyiv Oblast, for which she is raising funds via UNITED24

13.11.2023 · Ambassadors

The Canadian actress of Ukrainian descent and ambassador of the fundraising platform UNITED24 joined an online meeting with families whose apartment blocks were damaged by russian aggression.

Katheryn Winnick talked to residents of apartment buildings in Kyiv Oblast, for which she is raising funds via UNITED24

Katheryn Winnick, who played the brave warrior Lagerta in the TV series Vikings, has been helping Ukrainians in real life since the beginning of the full-scale war. In early March 2023, she joined the UNITED24 platform to support the Rebuild Ukraine direction and continues to make efforts to help people return home:

"I have played a defender in movies, but you do it not on the screen, but in real life. I am inspired by your courage and motivated to do even more for the victory of Ukraine."

Ten residents of  Kyiv Oblast told Katheryn about the first days of the full-scale invasion, evacuation, returning home after de-occupation, and the progress of reconstruction efforts under the Rebuild Ukraine direction.

Yana Psareva from Irpin, who moved there from Sloviansk in 2014 after the first russian invasion, had to leave her home for the second time in 2022.

"On February 24, we saw the bombing of Hostomel airport and packed our suitcase in 30 minutes. It was the same suitcase with which we left Donetsk,"

said Yana.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of the Plast scouting organization. Katheryn is well acquainted with the purpose and values of the movement, as she was a member of Plast until she was 17. The children shared with the actress their experiences of fear and pain during the occupation.

"Most of my neighbors were hiding in basements until they started to burn and collapse. The evacuation was very far from us, because the military town is about three kilometers from the center, and it's certain death to walk along the road under such shelling,"

said Anastasia Pashkevich, a scout-girl from Bucha.

For a long time, 16-year-old Yevhenia Polishchuk from Irpin could not believe that her apartment had burned down. It was the first flat where the girl had her own room. Now, Yevhenia is watching the plastering work being completed in her apartment. This gives her hope that she will soon be able to return home. 

"Last March, I saw a photo of my building online. It became clear that our apartment had completely burned down. I was filled with mixed emotions. For a long time I could not believe that this had happened to my family. Then I found out that our residential complex was included in the UNITED24 reconstruction program. I am grateful that we were not alone in this difficult situation,"

Zhenia said.

You can join the fundraiser for the restoration of 18 buildings in Kyiv Oblast here: