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UNITED24 and AWT Bavaria have funded the restoration of a bridge in Mykolaiv Oblast

15.03.2023 · Partnering

On March 15, a rebuilt bridge over the Inhulets River, originally destroyed by russian troops in November 2022, was opened in the Bashtan district of Mykolaiv Oblast.

UNITED24 and AWT Bavaria have funded the restoration of a bridge in Mykolaiv Oblast

The bridge guarantees safe passage for residents of the surrounding villages and also allows the delivery of humanitarian aid. It was rebuilt by servicemen of the 36th Rail-Road Repair and Overhaul Konotops'kiy Regiment of the State Special Transport Service. AWT Bavaria funded the restoration via the UNITED24 fundraising platform.

"The reconstruction of the bridge in the Bashtan district of Mykolaiv Oblast is a very important event for local residents and for AWT Bavaria. We are proud to have once again joined the project, which contributes to the reconstruction of Ukrainian cities that suffer from the aggressor country. Our fruitful cooperation with UNITED24 goes on. We continue to help Ukraine resist their enemy and rebuild their state,"

said Eric Berning, CEO of AWT Bavaria.

This is already the eighth bridge that was built with funds from UNITED24 donors, and the fifth bridge built in de-occupied Mykolaiv Oblast.

"The community has been waiting for the reconstruction of this bridge for a long time, as it will provide an uninterrupted transport connection. I thank UNITED24 and AWT Bavaria, because it was thanks to cooperation with their business that we managed to rebuild the bridge in such a short time. We continue our work. We are rebuilding this region, because this is our home, and we live here,"

stressed Vitalii Kim, of the Mykolayiv Regional Military Administration.