Trostyanets town hospital

Recovery Cost: $3,932,300

The town of Trostyanets in the Sumy oblast endured Russian occupation for 31 days. The Russian army entered it on the 24th of February, 2022. 3 convoys of military vehicles drove into the city, and later it was completely under the aggressor’s control.

The Russians would shell civilian houses using heavy artillery, rob grocery stores, steal heavy transport, torture civilians and kill innocent people. Since access to the local graveyard had been blocked, people were forced to find other ways to bury their dead and started digging graves right on the streets themselves.

Among all of the town’s infrastructure, the place that suffered the most would have to be the Trostyanets Town Hospital. It became the local government’s property in 2017, and the funds to repair it were collected by the whole town’s population. The occupants have targeted it numerous times, causing immense destruction and fires.

“Tanks drove out into the streets and started firing directly at the hospital. Then the occupants would shoot at the windows from machine guns - not a single one was left intact. They fired at the oxygen stations, the boiler house, the morgue, the infectious disease department, the ambulance cars,” so recalls those days the Mayor of Trostyanets, Yuriy Bova.

People were still indoors during the attacks - medics and patients alike. Miraculously, they all survived, since they managed to hide in time. That day, two children were born in the hospital under gunfire.

Aside from the Trostyanets town hospital, the nearby polyclinic was heavily damaged. The pediatric department, dental prosthesis cabinet and many other objects were completely destroyed.

“Thanks to charity workers, the town has managed to collect funds to restore the windows in the Trostyanets Town Hospital,” says Yuriy Bova. They were also assisted with technical equipment: an ultrasound apparatus and multiple ambulances have been donated to the hospital. However, before the hospital can start working at full capacity, there is still much effort that needs to be invested, as well as money. Rebuilding the Trostyanets Town Hospital requires 3,932,300 US dollars (or 116 million hryvnias). Every donation brings us closer to the needed amount.


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