Heavy pyrotechnical vehicles

Price per item: $35,000

Amount: 40


In May, a 12 y.o. boy died due to an explosion of a cluster projectile in Dnipropetrovsk oblast: he picked up the dangerous object on the street and carried it home, where it detonated. That same day in Kyiv oblast, in the village of Zalissya of the Brovary region, a local man died in a mine explosion during a walk through the forest.

Sadly, such cases are not uncommon. Peaceful Ukrainians regularly suffer from mines and explosive projectiles left behind by Russian occupants. Adults and children suffer injuries of the limbs, eyes and faces, as well as concussions. Very frequently, such injuries are fatal.

Since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukrainian territory, pyrotechnicians of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine have discovered and destroyed over 150,000 explosive objects. This work will continue for years to come, says Director of the pyrotechnical and underwater defusal department of SES, Serhiy Reva:

“Even before 2014, we have been discovering explosives from the days of World War II, and we’re continuing to find them to this day. Mines and explosives don’t have an expiration date.”

Specialists have to carefully deliver found explosives to places where they can be safely defused. Moving such findings is only possible with specialized transport: heavy pyrotechnical vehicles that are equipped with winches and loaders, have an armored body, a 4x4 (6x6) wheel base, and a carrying capacity of up to 7 tons. Right now, you can help purchase 40 such vehicles for the needs of SES with your donation.


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