Computers and tablets for pupils

Price per item: from $170

Amount: 220,000

Instead of bright and spacious classrooms, they have bomb shelters in basements. Instead of talking to classmates, they have video calls. Instead of working together,  they click a raised hand icon during Zoom meetings.

Because of the war, over 40% of Ukrainian schoolchildren have been forced to switch to distance learning. In order to be able to continue studying,  teachers, students, and their parents have had to adapt to these new circumstances.

According to a survey by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the biggest issues in the distance education process are internet access troubles, as well as a  lack of technical devices.

Ukrainian  students need more than 220,000 laptops and tablets, right now. Without these devices, children, including those from internally displaced families and socially vulnerable populations,  won't have access to organized, high-quality learning.

Donors can change this — thanks to your donations, 220,000 Ukrainian children will be able to study again. It will be easier for them to get through the most difficult period in both their lives and Ukrainian history.

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