C-type Ambulance Vehicles

Price per item: from $65,000

Amount: 394

The night of March 2. It's been several days since the start of russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Alla Zhakhova, senior paramedic at the Kharkiv rural branch of the Center for Emergency Medical Aid and Disaster Medicine of the Kharkiv Regional Council, recalls the challenge in Yakovivka. The village, locatedin the Kharkiv Raion, was bombed by russian aircraft.

"The surrounding houses had been razed to the ground. This is how houses are demolished to build new ones in their place," says Alla. "We went down to the basement leading to the rubble, where we found eight injured people, including two children."

A brother and sister, aged 11 and 4, had minor shrapnel wounds to the face and ears. Their mother's injuries were more complicated. None of them had time to run and hide.

Together with their mother, they were taken to the Merefyanska Central District Hospital of the Kharkiv Raion.

"When it comes to rescue, speed is the key factor," she continues.  "The speed of the ambulance, coming to the place of shelling, and from there, to the hospital. All of this is possible thanks to the reanimobiles, equipped with the necessary equipment. They are of  C type, the highest class of medical transport, according to European standards. Each of these ambulances can alleviate suffering or save life."

Every day, our doctors save the lives of thousands of Ukrainians. Emergency medical teams are the first to arrive at the scene and do everything necessary to help. Meanwhile, the enemy doesn't stop attacking hospitals and ambulances. Every week, we suffer losses, specifically in our emergency vehicle fleet, and especially in frontline areas, where active hostilities are taking place. Therefore, the ambulances that we can purchase will be sent to the frontline regions, as well as those regions that are actively involved in providing medical care to the wounded.

Type C reanimobiles are equipped with everything necessary to quickly and safely transport the seriously injured to hospital: oxygen tanks, cardiac monitors, defibrillators and ALV devices.

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