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On the 5th of June 2022, a famous Ukrainian lawyer and soldier, Masi Nayyem, was injured during a combat operation in Donbas. He suffered several fractures, hematomas, shrapnel injuries to the head, and lost one eye. After the operation, Nayyem published a text post on his Facebook page where he thanked the medics who saved his life.

Shrapnel injuries and multiple fractures are some of the most common types of injury suffered by victims of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Both soldiers and civilians suffer from these wounds — adults and children alike.

In the case of bone fractures, it’s important to perform a primary fracture repositioning - in other words, to put the bone fragments back together correctly. During such processes, it is imperative that the doctors have the required equipment to help them quickly detect foreign objects and diagnose any fractures present. Useful tools for this are C-arcs, surgical X-ray apparatuses. When put together, such equipment allows surgeons to conduct operations in full visual control.

“If we don’t have an X-ray device, a C-arc, we’ll need to perform repeated surgeries. And that will make the recovery take longer,” explains Vladyslav Ivankov, a traumatologist at the Zaporizhzhya Regional Clinical Hospital.

He brings up an example: in the traumatology department of the Zaporizhzhya Regional Clinical Hospital there are two surgery rooms. However, only one has a X-ray device.

“The surgical room has no X-ray,” tells Ivankov. “So if we’re getting five or ten patients at once, we’re forced to either delay treatment, or bring them from one room to the other. And all of this takes time that we don’t have.”

We want to help our medics, so we’re collecting funds to purchase 458 C-arcs. Help us!

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