Rehabilitation center

Recovery Cost: €1,500,000

Borodyanka is one of the most devastated suburbs in the Kyiv Oblast, where russian troops shelled houses and killed civilians without fear of punishment.

Since 1994, the Borodyanka Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation has been treating victims of the Chornobyl disaster, as well as defenders of Ukraine and their families after 2014. In March 2022, the Center’s two-storey building was completely destroyed as a result of a direct hit by a tank shell. During the russian occupation of Borodyanka, two employees of the Center were killed.

"Since the first day of the war, the Center employees actively helped our defenders and the residents of Borodyanka. This help is crucial. Despite the destruction of the building, and the personal pain of the loss, the team wants to help people, support the defenders' families and anyone who needs it," says Lyudmila Boyko, the director of the Center.

The reconstruction of the rehabilitation center in Borodyanka will create an opportunity to provide prompt psychological aid to the defenders of Ukraine and their families. The need for such help is growing every day.

Our plan is to build a modern, multi-story center with spaces for mental and physical recovery, a hostel for residents who have lost their homes, and defenders who will come here for rehabilitation.

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