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NAFO Drone Part III: Operation Sea Baby

The time has come, Fellas: we’re requesting Article 24: Operation Sea Baby, by launching the third UNITED24 x NAFO drone fundraiser.

Coincidentally, like in many popular franchises, this third sequel features a baby — but this one you can name (just like you did the first time).

The Boat That Will Rock

We’re raising $221,000 for a Sea Baby naval drone that will aid the Security Service of Ukraine in their operations against the russian fleet. These ‘babies’ are notorious for many ‘misdemeanors,’ like sinking russian ships and putting the Kerch Bridge on fire (you can now enjoy this earworm hit playing in your head for the rest of the day). Now, it’s time they have new siblings to wreak havoc on the rest of the terrorist garbage that pollutes the Black Sea.

As usual, the NAFO drone fundraiser comes with an opportunity to name the boat. Additionally, everyone who makes a $1000 donation will become a Fleet of Naval Drones Admiral, and we’ll make a video of them riding the Sea Baby,  as a token of our appreciation.


The Raffle

But that’s not all: we will also raffle off a few cool prizes among everyone who donates 5$ or more towards this fundraiser:

  1. A unique replica model of a Sea Baby drone with a chosen name inscription, signed by Volodymyr Zelenskyy.
  2. 5 UNITED24 sweatshirts — the same as those our president likes to wear on special occasions.

Let’s make some extra noise in the Black Sea again — we promise, this baby’s tantrums will be addicting!


Previously on NAFO Drone series:

UNITED24 has been collaborating with the NAFO community — almost since the very launch of both. We launched two special fundraisers towards drones — the Raccoon’s Revenge naval drone and more than 300 FPVs — raising nearly $500,000 in total.

These drones helped neutralize a lot of russian military equipment on land, and, at least, one russian ship in the sea. 

More fundraisers to follow — NAFO and UNITED24 collaborations are effective, efficient and non-negotiable.