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Misha Collins helps bring life back to Ukrainian lands

Misha Collins, American actor and star of Supernatural, is raising money for a pyrotechnic demining vehicle.

The goal is $450,000

The russian invasion has turned Ukraine into a huge minefield. About 156,000 km² needs to be examined and demined. This is an area the size of Belgium, Denmark and the Czech Republic combined, or the state of Georgia in the United States!

Anti-tank and anti-personnel mines, booby traps, tripwires, cluster munitions and thousands of undetonated shells are found in the de-occupied territories after russian shelling. Deadly explosives can be hidden in household items, toys, houses, kindergartens, playgrounds, fields, forests and parks.
In 2023, our ambassador Misha Collins visited Ukraine and saw first-hand the work of deminers in Chernihiv Oblast and a mined forest near Irpin in Kyiv Oblast, just 26 kilometers from the capital. The actor was amazed by the scale of the problem and launched a fundraiser to help implement a humanitarian demining program and save thousands of lives.

What are we fundraising towards?

Our goal is to raise $450,000 to buy a multifunctional pyrotechnic vehicle for the deminers. It will help them to clear the land from mines and transport explosive objects and substances to the point of their elimination. The vehicle is armored and can easily move off-road.

The vehicle is equipped with two towing devices at the front and a mechanical trailer hitch at the rear

The carrying capacity is more than 4000 kg

Speed on hard surface roads is at least 80 km/h

Armored two-seater cabin with bulletproof glass

Stationary GPS-navigator, automobile and portable radio stations as well asa video recorder

A wall to protect the crew from flying debris and to reduce the impact of the shock wave in the event of an explosion during the transportation of ordnance

A crane-manipulator for loading and unloading EODs

An armored cargo compartment for the transportation of EODs, explosives and detonation equipment, as well as special equipment for pyrotechnic and special operations


Misha will raffle off prizes among all those who make a donation

With a donation of $24 or more, each donor will participate in a raffle of a trench coat and 5 ties - the style staples of the angel Castiel in the Supernatural series - signed by Misha Collins. The number of donations from any one person is unlimited. Join in and help the deminers clear Ukrainian lands of mines, faster and safer.