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A photo of a bracelet on a black background (designed by SOVA)

A Symbol of Perseverance.

The bracelet that you see is made from the last pre-war batch of steel manufactured at the legendary Azovstal plant. A symbol of incredible courage that tells a story of might and fortitude.

By buying a bracelet, you help the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 100% of profits from their sales will be transferred via the UNITED24 fundraising platform for the Fleet of Naval Drones to protect Ukrainian seas and cities under fire.

This is the last batch of bracelets.

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Unbreakable steel

Azovstal is a metallurgical plant in Mariupol that boasts nearly 90 years of history, with many extremely strong and durable structures being made from steel smelted here: bridges, spaceships, as well as armor for tanks.

In 2022, after russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukrainian territory began, the Azovstal plant of the Metinvest Group became the last defensive fortress of Mariupol.

The enemy almost destroyed 11 square kilometers of the plant territory. But neither threats, constant bombings or siege have managed to break the will of Ukrainians.

In the end, the word “Azovstal'' became a symbol of perseverance, courage, and the indomitable spirit of an entire people.

So, before you are 5 grams of perseverance.

Each bracelet is made of 5 grams of Azovstal

Steel is an extremely strong and durable alloy that can be resmelted many times without losing its quality. For the bracelets, we used steel made on the legendary rolling mill 3600.

In 2022, the sheet-rolling shop where mill 3600 worked for many years became one of the places where the protectors of Azovstal heroically defended their steel fortress.

The last batch of bracelets is special. It was made of the steel letters “BELIEVE IN THE ARMED FORCES OF UKRAINE,” which were installed in the center of Kyiv. In this way, we're sharing our unquestionable faith in the Ukrainian Army, between thousands of people. And we will carry it all the way until victory.

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universal statement

A universal expression that every Ukrainian understands without words

The laconic design of the bracelets — steel, with an engraved coat of arms of Ukraine - a trident - was developed by the SOVA jewelry house. The jewelers set themselves a goal - to create a product that would symbolize the indomitability of the Ukrainian people.

During the implementation of the idea, we were guided by two key factors: the limited amount of steel itself, which cannot be replenished, and the large amount of product, because thousands of people would like to have such a bracelet.

You can buy the bracelet on the ROZETKA website or in one of the SOVA brand stores in Ukraine. The Nova Poshta project partner will deliver your bracelet to any NP branch in Ukraine at its own expense.

International shipping is also available.

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