SOLEDARITY. Ukrainian Rock-Solid Strength



In the summer of 2022, "ARTEMSIL,” known and loved by millions of Ukrainians, disappeared from store shelves. russian shelling stopped the possibility of salt extraction in April 2022, for the first time since World War II.

The workshops of ARTEMSIL burned down, with the equipment and buildings being destroyed. More than 2500 people, whose lives were inextricably connected with the city of Donetsk, left their homes.

Some salt was able to be extracted. It became another symbol of extraordinary courage, resistance, and strength of Ukrainian defenders and the entire Ukrainian people.

On the anniversary of the full-scale war, ARTEMSIL SE and the UNITED24 platform, with the support of Rozetka and Silpo, released a special batch of "ARTEMSIL" to help Ukrainian defenders while adding a bit of rock-solid strength to every Ukrainian.

So, we present — SOLEDARITY.

Ukrainian Rock-solid Strength.

We’ve managed to find 20 tons of "ARTEMSIL." It’s been divided  into 100,000 symbolic packs. You can find them in any Silpo store, or order online at Rozetka.

The price of one pack is 500.00 UAH.

All profit – 465.00 UAH from each pack – will be transferred to the Flotilla of Kamikaze Drones for the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine. They will help liberate Ukrainian cities as soon as possible.

*Sale and delivery is limited to Ukraine. The state recognizes salt as a strategic product. Therefore, its export in any form is currently prohibited.