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Become our 124 millionth donor

In the 2 years of its operation, the UNITED24 platform has united people from 110 countries around supporting Ukraine. It brought together all of you: those who donate money from their pensions and those who sell lemonade at school fairs to raise funds. Those who subscribe to a $24 a monthly donation and those who join our biggest fundraisers.

You are very different. Truly genuine. UNITED24 donors, friends of Ukraine, you are our greatest treasure.

5 000 transactions
to go before the 124 millionth donation

*tentative count of transactions to NBU accounts through the platform, Diia app, and other partner platforms since May 5, 2022

This May, UNITED24 is nearing its 124 millionth donation. To celebrate, we've come up with a little project.

We want to say thank you to each of you, and our partners - to give you some nice gifts. And also shine a spotlight on the 5,000 contributions that will get us to the 124 millionth donation.

So UNITED24 is launching a special fundraiser to collect five thousand donations. Donate $10 or more as many times as you can. Each donation is a chance to win a gift from UNITED24 partners. Be sure to sign your donations.

Very exciting prizes will be raffled off among all the participants, and one of them will receive something special.

All the funds raised will be used to rebuild the Velykokostromska School in the Dnipro region, which was destroyed by a Russian missile on October 11, 2022.
The school was the only educational institution of the village.

Here's what some of you will win:

I will be the 124 millionth donor!


Restored 28 bridges the largest of which is over the Ingulets River in Kherson region

Are rebuilding 18 apartment buildings in the Kyiv region

Restored 2 hospitals Chernihiv Medical Center of Modern Oncology and Chernihiv City's Hospital No. 3

Purchased and delivered 218 Type C resuscitation vehicles to Ukrainian cities

Opened a Mine Action Center the first in Ukraine

Raised funds to rebuild 4 schools and equip 5 school shelters

Purchased 8,214 UAVs / UAV systems

Purchased 96 naval drones as part of "the Fleet of Naval Drones" project, which changed the course of events in the Black Sea

Purchased and sent 13 armored medical evacuation vehicle to the front line

Purchased 35 ALV apparatuses, 83 Anesthesia machines, 22 X-ray surgical C-arm machines

Purchased 659 generators for Ukrainian hospitals

and much, much

I am a friend of Ukraine!


  • Gifts and the super prize for UNITED24 donors will be raffled off by our partners among everyone who makes a donation of $10 or more. Every donation is a chance to get a gift from UNITED24 partners.The number of contributions from one person is unlimited.

  • The winners will be chosen at random immediately after the 124 millionth donation is made.

  • We will notify you of your winnings by email. Every contribution you make is important for Ukraine.