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Heart of Steel

The song by the Ukrainian band TVORCHI for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 is called Heart of Steel. It not only represents strength and endurance, but is also a symbol of vulnerability, because every heart — even one made of steel — needs love and support.

For the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, TVORCHI, together with UNITED24 and Visa, are launching a fundraising campaign to rescue something very special  — the hearts of children.

Save a life

Visa will double-match each donation made by Visa card issued by Ukrainian banks.

Why is it important?

Because of the war, the number of premature babies has increased by at least 15%. Behind this figure there are thousands of vulnerable children who were born prematurely and cannot survive without special help.

Incubators are needed to save their little hearts.

An incubator is basically a very advanced crib. It can create a special environment with the necessary oxygen concentration, humidity, temperature levels, silence and lighting, while also allowing parenteral nutrition and round-the-clock monitoring of vital signs.

10,000,000 UAH*
*Exact cost of equipment will depend on tender procedures

Congratulations, you have a heart of gold!

SOVA jewelry house and the FROLOV brand have created  limited pins, specifically for this project: 100 silver and 10 gold hearts. They are not for sale, but can be obtained by making a donation. The silver ones will be raffled off among those who donate 1000 UAH or more. The gold ones will be drawn among those who make the largest donations.

Visa will double each donation made via Visa card issued by Ukrainian banks. The number of donations from any one person is unlimited. 

The campaign will last from April 28 to May 28. The drawing of the capsule collection of silver and gold hearts will take place live on the Visa Instagram page, on June 1, 2023, using the service.


Get a heart
Visa will double-match each donation made by Visa card issued by Ukrainian banks.
The number of donations from any one person is unlimited.

Who will this fundraiser help?

Babies being born right now need your support. We know that you will not stand aside. As TVORCHI sing: “No matter how bad it is, someone will hear you.”

1600 grams
40 cm

russian soldiers have been shelling Zaporizhzhia with S-300 missiles for many months. These missiles have low accuracy and often hit residential buildings. That's what happened in this story; residents were not injured, but the stress caused a 32 weeks pregnant woman to go into premature labor. A girl was born in the hospital with a weight of 1600 grams.  

“We placed the newborn in an incubator right away. We created an intrauterine environment: temperature, humidity. The newborn stayed there for two weeks. That's how we nursed her back to health!’ says Andrii Lobanov, an anesthesiologist at the Zaporizhzhia Oblast Perinatal Center.

700 grams
35 cm

A man serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine was granted a short-term leave to visit his wife and his newborn daughter. The baby was born at 25 weeks and weighed only 700 grams. The meeting was tender, warm, and full of love. A handsome young man in a military uniform stood by the incubator with a baby inside. After meeting her dad, the baby started to grow rapidly and gain weight. After 22 weeks, he grew up and is now waiting for his dad at home.

1280 and 1340 grams
41 cm

The fraternal twins Mykyta and Sofia spent their first 7 months in the neonatal unit of the Mykolaiv Regional Children's Clinical Hospital. These babies weighed only 1280 and 1340 grams respectively.  They were nursed in the intensive care unit for 4 months, then discharged as healthy and beautiful babies, having gained 2.5 kg. The incubator played a decisive role in their salvation.

Saving the Hearts of Children Save a life