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Medical and armored evacuation transport

Price per item: from $80,000

Amount: 650


“One time, my colleagues were caught in a firefight; it was a miracle that they came out unharmed. A bullet passed through the cabin, passed by the ambulance crew, then got stuck in the door,” recalls Olena Sukleta, acting Medical Director of the Chernihiv Regional Center for Emergency Medical Care.

Such cases aren’t uncommon. At the end of June, an ambulance crew was caught under fire in Kharkiv oblast: physician assistant Daniel Dziuba received injuries of the lower limbs, but still answered the call, providing a patient with the needed medical care. Only afterwards did he examine his own wounds. In the same oblast, a different crew came under fire as well - this time, in the beginning of July. The medics came to assist a woman that suffered injuries from an explosion, but ended up in danger themselves. Thankfully, none of them were hurt.

In such dangerous conditions, these brave emergency medical care workers continue their duties, even taking shifts that last 2-3 days at a time.

Help us protect our doctors and injured persons from enemy bullets, and give our medics the opportunity to provide aid in relentless field conditions! Make a donation towards armored ambulances.

These off-road vehicles follow the NATO STANAG 4569 safety standards, are capable of withstanding direct fire from a sniper rifle or 7.62mm caliber machine gun, as well as an explosion from a hand grenade. They can even evacuate injured people directly from hot spots. They protect from hand-made explosives and anti-infantry landmines, while also providing partial protection from bombshell explosions angled below the vehicle.


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